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Break The Mold

         Family Pattern - Family Karma

Break free from Family Patterns & Karma

Have done all you can, including self-help, therapy, motivation exercises and on and on still you feel you are not succeding in your goals in life?   Maybe the failing pattern is ingrained in your Gene?!  This book may be able to help you to overcome this pattern.


"A unique book on an old subject. What is provided: - Exercises - Guided Meditation - Booklet for the exercises

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What is it?

Pattern or family Karma is explained here.  Therefore helping you understand why sometimes you may go against your better judgement and ultimate desire.  The ultimate saboteur.


Here you will also find the explanation as to  how the pattern occurs.  How does it get ingrained in the system.   Better yet how to change to what you really want!

Opportunity to change!

With the explanations, the exercises provided, guided meditation, above all your desire to change, once you become conscious of it.   Comes the opportunity of you be you!

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