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The idea for this book came to me during various meditation sessions and the work I have done on myself to release my Family Pattern and Karma.


Do you see unhealthy patterns in your family that you’d like to change? Have you ever felt or heard expressions such as: “It’s our family tradition.” “ There it goes again.” “ Like father, like son.” And, “It’s in the family blood.” These are all statements of a family pattern, or “Family Karma.”  


It’s time to change the influence of your family’s malignant Karma and thereby to become your true and healthy self. Begin to love who you really are!


My aim is to help you do this and to help your loved ones do the same. One person may change an entire family history of dysfunctional patterns. Are you the one willing to make these changes?


If so, this is the book for you!

      Rev. Borges

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